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Rescuing Disorganized Data

Analysis Strategies for Complex Datasets

Visualization Strategies for Complex Datasets

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Featured Seminars

Boost your staff’s quantitative analysis skills or learn how to work with some of the country’s most comprehensive, publicly accessible environmental databases. These efficient and effective one-hour seminars provide your staff with concrete skills that can be put to work immediately.

Rescuing Disorganized Data
Missing values, poor sample spacing, inadequate information about the information - sometimes the first step in data analysis is getting data into shape so it can be analyzed. In this seminar, tips and tricks for handling poorly organized, poorly documented or just plain unruly data are presented. This experience is perfect or organizations working with new data types or sources, and for individuals who need help getting started with their data. Content can be tailored to fit your organization's specific needs.

Analysis Strategies for Complex Datasets and Visualization Strategies for Complex Datasets
(2 course sequence)
Do you have a large, multivariate dataset, or a dataset with challenging or awkward sampling? This pair of seminars introduces strategies for extracting the real information hidden in your data. Analysis and Visualization are offered as a pair, but either course can be taken individually. Content can be tailored to fit the unique challenges of your organization's data.

Format: Seminars are approximately one-hour in length, including time for a question and answer session. At the conclusion of the seminar, attendees are provided with supplementary information and additional resources regarding the seminar topic.

Pricing: $225 for one seminar, $425 for two or $600 for three (these may be held on the same day or on different days). The seminar fee covers the number of attendees that comfortably fit in your presentation space.

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